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Wim Hendrikx

The trading Hendrikx Equipment was founded in 1999 by Wim Hendrikx and is synonymous with his conviction and motivation.

After 13 years in sales management of a construction ma

chine factory, and regional operating construction machine dealer , founding a new trading company was the next step. 

The name Hendrikx Equipment was selected quickly . Equipment meant Tool and that's what we sell, tools that will work for our customers thanks to a good quality standard such as people who are accustomed Hendrikx .

The concept of quality and work together with the customer was learned as son of a builder and interior designer and inspired early by his parents who spent years this philosophy into practice in their businesses

With that spirit and growing up in a family of three generations of contractors and builders , and the endless interest in technology and people , the construction equipment industry was the pond in which the knowledge for the profession to this day and passion itself could develop and sufficiently challenging ensures the like curious spirit of Wim .

 A commercial and technical training laid the foundation to be added to the regional construction machinery dealer in the commercial staff . First specialized in compactionequipment department, later used machinery manager.

This technical background came in handy when testing and valuation of used equipment , and in advising the new owner about maintaining his just purchased tools.

Now, the technical preparation , conversions and repairs are an enjoyable part of the job .

We invite you to get acquainted.

With kind regards
Wim Hendrikx

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